Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Tags for Unique Laser Designs

This is my pasted post from Unique Laser Designs today!

 Hello everyone!  I have finally gotten into the Christmas spirit and have crafted something Christmassy.  Not bad for me since there are still 36 days until Christmas.  Usually I would make something like this at 11 pm on Christmas Eve!  Just call me "Last Minute Lee."

There are plenty of Christmas wrapping products that you can go out and purchase to make your life easier.  One of those products are the sticker to/from labels that you're supposed to slap onto your gift.  You know the kind I'm talking about?  The package of 300 labels that you can only use 10 of because all the others are too small to actually write a person's name on?  The ones that get stored for years in your Christmas things and wind up losing their stickiness?

 This year I decided to make my own to/from tags. I used last year's left over Christmas scrapbook patterned paper, red card stock, and kraft paper.  I'm always looking for ways to use my scraps.  I'm positive that someone else out there has a dedicated container (box, drawer, storage shed, etc) full of Christmas crafting supplies.  Right?  Anyone?

I have used my Silhouette machine to cut these tags.  If you want, leave me a comment and I will share my file.  These tags can be made without fancy machines though.  You would only need a circle punch large enough to display the cork accent.

The mini Christmas shapes are cut out of cork.  I decided to give them a wash of ink so that the cork texture would remain visible.  To do this I scribbled marker onto to a craft mat and added water.  Then I slid the cork shape through the inky puddle.

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Lindsey said...

These are beautiful Christmas tags! And soooo much better than store bought. And made more than a month ahead of time! Now you just need the gifts to put them on...