Monday, March 31, 2014

New House Update and a Card

Over on the Zeus and Zoe blog and on my "normal" self blog, 
I posted this card:

You can see more of the card at Very Vibrant Violette or at Zeus and Zoe.  No pressure, just thought I'd offer.

We found a nice little house. It is a stand alone house with a tiny yard. My kids have a bakery right by their bus stop, so I am sure that drives them nuts every morning.

Although we have been in our house for three weeks, we are still waiting on one of our cars and all the house furnishings to arrive. Currently we have the most beautiful of loaner furniture.  I am grateful for the loaner furniture (sitting and sleeping on the floor for three weeks is pretty uncomfortable.)

Uncomfortable, unsightly, but appreciated loaner chair, which I believe is upholstered in outdoor fabric.  The curtain came with the house.

The kitchen.  I believe it is better to show this before I have junked it all up with my belongings.

My dining area, which just is not feeling cozy yet.

Bowls from Spain.  I thought the marbled pottery was too cool to pass up.  One is now my husband's popcorn bowl. 

My craft room in a carry-on sized suitcase.  

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Cheers!


Barbara Godden said...

Beautiful card, glad you are settling in, Your furniture story reminded me of our first apartment, almost everything was donated except the kitchen set and livingroom furniture which we didn't have for the first couple of months so we entertained on card table chairs, as long as only two people were visiting lol. So glad when our sofa and chair were finished and delivered. Beautiful bowls and love all your counter space in the kitchen.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That loaner chair looks like it could withstand just about anything. It beats the floor though. So much of nothing in your house so far. Hopefully all your goods will arrive not too long from now.

Lindsey said...

I think the cousins of that chair might have been in my parents' house when I was a wee one. :D Those Spanish bowls are gorgeous! I hope all your belongings arrive safe and soon, Lee.

Jessi Fogan said...

Oh yes, that chair is definitely reminiscent of my childhood...if only it was orangey plaid! Definitely better than the floor. And you still stun me with how much awesomeness you can create with limited supplies!