Saturday, February 1, 2014

Favorite Memory, Simple Sketches #23 using CSI 107

Here is another Saturday post for Simple Sketches.  I am filling in on the A team for this sketch challenge:

And this is my take on the sketch:

If you would like to enter the sketch challenge, you have until       .

I also followed the challenge board for C.S.I. 107.  

The photos are of my husband and me, before we got married.  Which makes these photos a couple of years, a few pounds, and two kids ago. 

The Scheme  

I tried to hit all of the colors in the scheme.


My evidence includes flowers, flair, splashes, wet medium, stripes and a grungy harlequin pattern.

I looked through the recommended website, 1000 Awesome Things, and found this prompt: When it Feels Like the Lyrics to the Song You're Listening to Were Written Just For You.  When I was preparing to do this LO, I found these old pictures down in the basement.  They were in frames, but we hadn't scanned them into the computer.  I decided to scan them in before we move t our new house.  I would hate to lose these pictures!

As I mentioned, these pictures were taken before and during our engagement, but before we were married.  My husband and I went to high school together.  We did not date, but were friends.  (I wanted to date him, but he had a girl friend.)  Despite the fact that he had this girl friend, we spent a lot of time together our senior year of high school and the summer afterwards.  

My husband had a bit of a falling out over the girl friend (he wasn't her only boy friend).  And then my husband and I went our separate ways.  He went to the army, and I went into the navy.  It took us seven years to be in the spot where we were both single.  I went to visit him, and we found that we were still great friends.  On my drive home, I heard the song, "If You Leave," by OMD.  The lyrics, especially: 

Seven years went under the bridge

Like time was standing still

Heaven knows what happens now
You've gotta, you've gotta say you will

These words hit home.  During my drive, I wasn't sure what would happen between the two of us, since we lived 4 hours apart.  He didn't want a long distance relationship.  I didn't want to be without him.  Somehow, I managed to convince him that I was worth it.  This year we will celebrate our 15th anniversary.

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Shawna S. said...

I love stories like this! Where people reunite and end up happily ever after...awesome layout and fabulous story!!