Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Punky Scraps 61 April

Punky Scraps says it's springy time.  The directions for this month:
As it´s Easter time - I would like you to use as much yellow as you can + some feathers or other Eastery stuff.
I had to use yellow!  It's not my favorite color, I have to admit to you.  It's one of my least favorite colors.  I had to put in some blue to go with my yellow.  The photo is from 2005, taken at the Keukenhof in the Netherlands.  We had had a wonderful warm week of spring, and then it was so chilly on our trip.  It's a good thing that Germany taught us to take raincoats and umbrellas on every trip!

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lynda said...

My son is named Ray. I have yet to make a layout with this title though. This may be my inspiration ! I really like the sun-shiny layout!