Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer is Time 4 Family Fun ~ CSI 29

Here is the LO that I completed for the challenge at CSI.  This is Case # 29 and here is what I had to investigate:

And here is how I solved the case:

This is a photo of one of my nieces.  She was the ultimate fisherwoman on our lake vacation in 2008.  I hadn't scrapped this photo yet, but I knew I must!  She wore those goggles all day and she was just too cute.

EVIDENCE: I used stripes ( the layered strips of paper in the background and the stripes on the journaling card), rolled paper, I placed the bag of fish and the journal spot at an angle, as well as I added the corner banner to the photo; a I had a pocket with elements sticking out of it, which was the bag of fish.  

TESTIMONY: I documented a summer story and I used the Inspiration Word "summer."

Friday, July 20, 2012

Curious and Curiouser

When I found the picture of my son that I used in "Jack of Spades," I also found a funny self portrait by my niece.  The June kit from my Kit of the Month Club, Scraps of Darkness, was called "White Rabbit."  Some of the papers, from 7 dots studio, came from a collection named "Wonderland."  I just had to turn my niece into Alice.

The hardest part of this LO was actually the leaves.  I used gesso, gel medium, Clear Rock Candy crackle paint, spray inks, glitter, and Crackle Accents.  It took me three day to layer up those vines, so please, if you're feeling motivated, take a close up look.

And, thanks, LGT, for leaving me such a fun picture to work with!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wouldn't it Be Wonderful if We Were Always Naturally Nice to Each Other?

This is my take on Case File No. 27 over at CSI

     I seem to be worry about the relationship between my children, more right now than I ever have.  This summer has been the worst for the bickering and the petty comments and picking and whatever else that siblings naturally do to push each other's buttons.  This behavior has collateral damage; my sanity!
There are days when I wish I had put their butts in summer school!  But I don't want to get up early to get them there.... C'est la vie!

     So will they continue to get on each other's nerves for the rest of their lives? (Yup, chimes in my daughter as she nosily reads this over my shoulder.)   Will they still speak to each other after they turn 18 and I kick them out of my house?  (I don't know, daughter says.)  Do they really hate each other?  (It depends, she thinks.)

     But I want them to be there for each other later.  Maybe they can get over this mean, snarky, snippy stage.  I can only hope for a good future.  (But, secretly, they still love each other, my daughter says , anonymously.)  Good, I think, or I will cut them out of my will.  (I love you!  My daughter just gave me a hug!)  Suck up!  (Well, then!  She replies, I expect all of your money NOW!)

     I titled my Case File No. 27 "Wouldn't it Be Wonderful if We Were Naturally Always Nice to Each Other?"  The title meets the requirement for being LONG, as per the Evidence.  The other Evidence includes leaves, flowers, a tree (in my photo), woodland animals, sparkles and clouds.  I layed out the quote that I used in the shape of an arch (more or less) and this met the requirement of the Testimony.  I also tried to use the inspiration words, wonderful and natural in my journaling, but that wound up on my blog and not on the page.  I am working on my journaling!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Jack of Spades

Here is the LO that I made for the June Sketch Challenge over at Scraps of Darkness.  The June kit is called "White Rabbit," and it is just to die for!  Or at least stealing or begging or whining!  This is the kit that scrappers dream about, and I haven't used any of the flowers yet!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Recipe Challenge - Strawberry Shortcake

It's time for the July 2012 Recipe Challenge at the Paper Mixing Bowl.  The Challenge recipe is for "Strawberry Shortcake."  The recipe card highlights the challenge.

Here is my debut LO as a member of the Design Team!  I used the red of strawberries as the Main Ingredient.  As for the Utensils, I think I managed to use most of them.  I've used the contrasting paper patterns (stripes and dots), the banner, the textured paper, and star shapes, of which one is a die cut.  In my Directions, I journaled about a summer tradition, using the Prompt "Summer," and I also included the use of color on my journaling.

Take the time out and visit the Paper Mixing Bowl.  The challenges are fun, I find that maintaining your creativity while following someone else's rules is interesting.  I enjoy comparing my results to what other's come up with on their LOs.