Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This photo was taken down the street from my house. Yes, I can give directions to my home by using this eyeball. These are my spawn standing in front of me so I could use them as size references. I scrapped this photo with the March Scraps of Darkness kit, Needful Things.  


My submission was rejected, but this was not a surprise!  I blame that three year period where I didn't scrap a thing!  Somewhere between homeownership, work, children, pets, deployed husband, and anemia, I found that I just did not have much energy to scrap.  Well, that and I don't think that I liked being in the basement by myself.  I realized that I hardly went down to the basement to watch tv or enjoy the fireplace while the husband was gone.

I just need to get back into my groove...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I entered?

Last weekend I submitted my first application for a design team (DT).  Not just any DT, but for the DT at Scraps of Darkness, my fix, er, kit of the month club.  I had to submit a letter telling why I should be considered part of their design team, my scrappin' resume (easiest part, since I do not have one), and I chose to submit these two lay outs and this altered box as examples of my work.


Here's my girl with the baby bear that she got to hold.  We visited friends in Alabama during spring break.  My friend took us to see McClelland's Zoo.  "Mike's Zoo" is unlike any other zoo you will visit.  If you're ever in L.A. (Lower Alabama), go check it out.

This lay out was done with the Scraps of Darkness November kit...which I did not open until April.  I used it in a Round Robin challenge where I had to "scrap lift" this lay out by Craftysprinkles.