Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wouldn't it Be Wonderful if We Were Always Naturally Nice to Each Other?

This is my take on Case File No. 27 over at CSI

     I seem to be worry about the relationship between my children, more right now than I ever have.  This summer has been the worst for the bickering and the petty comments and picking and whatever else that siblings naturally do to push each other's buttons.  This behavior has collateral damage; my sanity!
There are days when I wish I had put their butts in summer school!  But I don't want to get up early to get them there.... C'est la vie!

     So will they continue to get on each other's nerves for the rest of their lives? (Yup, chimes in my daughter as she nosily reads this over my shoulder.)   Will they still speak to each other after they turn 18 and I kick them out of my house?  (I don't know, daughter says.)  Do they really hate each other?  (It depends, she thinks.)

     But I want them to be there for each other later.  Maybe they can get over this mean, snarky, snippy stage.  I can only hope for a good future.  (But, secretly, they still love each other, my daughter says , anonymously.)  Good, I think, or I will cut them out of my will.  (I love you!  My daughter just gave me a hug!)  Suck up!  (Well, then!  She replies, I expect all of your money NOW!)

     I titled my Case File No. 27 "Wouldn't it Be Wonderful if We Were Naturally Always Nice to Each Other?"  The title meets the requirement for being LONG, as per the Evidence.  The other Evidence includes leaves, flowers, a tree (in my photo), woodland animals, sparkles and clouds.  I layed out the quote that I used in the shape of an arch (more or less) and this met the requirement of the Testimony.  I also tried to use the inspiration words, wonderful and natural in my journaling, but that wound up on my blog and not on the page.  I am working on my journaling!


Sandra said...

Hi Kittie, I'm sure they will be like most siblings and adore each others company as they get older. I always told my two (a male and a female)that they only had each other if anything happened to their parents and they are so close now at age 35 and 37. I hope you get over the hols OK. :-)

Lee aka Violent Kittie said...

Sandra, I hope they will adore each others company someday. I know people out there that actually are close to their families! Thanks for stopping by!