Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Let Daughters Grow Up to be Demons

I made a LO for the "Bring on the Darkness" challenge sponsored by the monthly scrapbooking kit that I subscribe to, Scraps of Darkness.  The kits are always amazing.  It's like having my own personal shopper.  By the Kit Club's name, yes, Halloween is a big day on the site.  Here is my entry:

Detailed photos.  I enjoyed drowning that mouse.

Here is the photoshopping process:  The original image came from The Graphics Fairy Blog.  She collects amazing images and shares.  I gave the girl demon black eyes, cracked skin that is actually a photo of dried mud and took away her greenery and gave her a scary doll instead.  The doll is made up of three other dolls that I found online.  I added fish teeth and one human eye to the doll to up the creep factor.  How'd I do?

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Jenny said...

you are a wicked genius dark sister :)