Thursday, February 6, 2020

Flying Artist Trading Cards for Happy Little Stampers

     Hi! Look, another post! That makes it twice this year, look at me go now.  It's the ATCs for Happy Little Stampers that are inspiring me. Who doesn't love making ATCs? They are small and non-threatening, but you can  make them into a series, which is what I did for the February challenge.

     This month the challenge is:

Yes, Fruity! You don't see the fruit I used? It's because my fruit is the color of the paints. I do not have any stamps or papers that I could find in my stash that I wanted to use. I did have some paper, but I did not like the results I was getting.  I took a new approach and decided to pull out my old Dylusions paints. I used Cherry Pie, Tangerine Dream, Squeezed Orange, and Fresh Lime paint on the  background of my cards.

     The articulated doll was a free download from The Enchanted Gallery if you want to play around with one also. I was inspired to put the labels on the body parts from another paper doll I found while I was searching for a free pattern.

     Come on over to check our examples and make some fruit themed Artist Trading Cards for the challenge at Happy Little Stampers. If you prefer you can also make Artist Trading Coins.



Lindsey said...

Ooh, love your take on the theme! And the ATCs, they are quite awesome.

Barbara Godden said...

Super take on the theme, love your ATCs they are fantastic.

Donna said...

Awesome take on the theme sistah!
Look at you go!
Two posts in 2020 and a SET of ATCs this month
Love love love the paper doll and the fruit colours you've used!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Totally rocked out the backgrounds!

Dotty Jo said...

Love these! Just realised I wasn't a Follower - not sure how that happened, but I've put it right! Hugs. Jo xx

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