Thursday, March 22, 2012

I won a contest.  One of my "Dark Sisters," a fellow subscriber of the Scraps of Darkness kit, hosted a challenge.  The challenge was called "The Bubbachooka Fugly Swap."  We had to go through our old, unwanted scrap supplies and pull out the things we would never use anymore, and then we had to swap our fuglies in the mail.  This was my winning entry.  I tried not to alter the supplies with paint or mist or markers too much, and it helped that it was in early February.  I swapped fuglies with Escape Kitty, and that is her in the pictures.

Thanks for hosting the contest, Bubba!  I am very excited to receive my prize in the mail (it's coming from Australia!)

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Lisa aka Raining said...

Big congrats Queen of the Fugs!!!!! Love your freaking fugly layout!